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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 25, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> thank you very much. >> sean: mr. president, thank you. that is all the time we have left. as always thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. greta is standing by to go on september 24th, 2010. i will see you tomorrow. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> there were two people standing in uniform in front of apology place, one of them had a weapon. they recall hurling racial slurs. >> bill: devastating testimony from justice department official saying that the obama administration did not prosecute three black panthers because of reverse racism megyn kelly is on the case. >> i think there are way too many undocumented mexican workers here in the united states. it's time to roll up our sleeves and face this issue mano whatever the spanish word for mano is. >> bill: why is he testifying in front of congress and why are we paying for it? is this a joke? >> please don't make me do this
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again it is really, really hard. >> bill: perino and marshal will have analysis. >> jon, the folks are the normal people. >> is beck teed off that colbert and jon stewart will hold a rally much like he did? >> >> bill: caution, you are about to enter not spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the black panther polling place story explodes. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. back in january of 2009, three black panthers were charged with violating the voting rights act. that civil action stemmed from two black panthers standing in front of apology place during the presidential election. one of them holding a club. there is no doubt the panthers committed the act and they didn't even bother showing up in court to fight the charges.
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nevertheless, in may of 2009, the obama administration moved to dismiss criminal action against the panthers. and that caused a national outcry. today, testifying in front of the u.s. commission on civil rights in washington, christopher coyotes, the former chief of the justice department's voting section flat out accused the obama administration of ignoring the law. >> we had eyewitness testimony. we had videotape that there were two people standing in uniform in front of apology place. one of them had a weapon. they were hurling racial slurs. 11 b of the buddy rights act prohibits attempts to intimidate or coerce. or threaten. >> bill: mr. coates testimony was devastating. not only did he indict attorney holder for failing to uphold the law he accused members of the justice department of racism. >> i believe that management in the division and section are opposed to the race neutral
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enforcement of section 5 and continue to enforce those provisions in a racially selective manner. >> bill: his comments echo those of j. christian davis a justice department attorney who worked in the justice department. a few months ago megyn kelly interviewed mr. adams. >> do you believe that the doj has a policy now of not pursuing cases if the defendant is black and victim is white? >> particularly in voting, in voting that will be the case over the next few years. there is no doubt about it. >> is the department of justice corrupt? >> i think the decision to dismiss this case was corrupt. i don't think the department or the fine people who work there are corrupt but, in this particular instance, to abandon law abiding citizens and abet wrong doers constitutes corruption. >> bill: so there seems to be little doubt that attorney general holder did not uphold the law which is his sworn duty. whether whether there is racism in his department is a matter of debate but certainly the accusation is troubling. as for mr. coates he is not some
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right wing guy he worked for the voting rights project of the aclu. and in 1991 he received a thurgood marshall decade award from the naacp. this is not a man with an ideological ax to grind. the entire case is troubling but also stupid. those black panthers should have been prosecuted. there is no doubt about it everybody knows that if a klan guy was outside a place with a club he would have been prosecuted. you can draw your own conclusions here. there is no question that this story is a major enembarrassment for the justice department and the obama administration. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, let's bring in megyn kelly who continues to follow this situation, be annoyed by it coates they didn't want him to testify. they told him not, to right? holder told him don't do you. this his bosses at the department of justice told him not to comply with the subpoena. he listened to those orders since december. it's been a year since he listened to those orders. a source close to him tells me he basically had had enough.
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he said i have to comply with the law. >> bill: i want to be very methodical here. he still works for the justice department. they moved him out of d.c. sent him down to south carolina. >> right. >> bill: he gets a subpoena from this civil rights commission, right? >> yes. >> bill: he doesn't have, to he is not compelled to go there. it's a choice, right? >> well, it's up to his bosses. the department of justice can tell him whether to comply or not to comply. >> bill: and they told him not to. >> he voluntarily not to. for months he said i will listen to my bosses and finally the case has gotten to the point of redicklessness i'm going to supply to with the subpoena. risking his job to do. this frank wolf a republican congressman from virginia had to wright -- write the doj he is claiming full whistle blower protection if you fire him you have me to answer to. >> bill: the scandal will get worse. coates goes. in what was the tipping points because this story has been dormant for the past few months
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i would say. >> i don't know. he didn't testify exactly what it was that did it judicial watch obtained some documents that cast some serious doubted on testimony given by a guy name tom herez to the commission on civil rights and other instances that may have led mr. coates to realize it is finally time. >> bill: okay, there are two stories here. the black panther story itself, which isn't really a big story. they are thugs. they should have been prosecuted. they probably auto would have got minimum sentence if convicted. it's an interesting story but not huge story. >> just to correct something in your talking points, you said that eric holder failed to bring a criminal investigation. it was the bush administration that failed to bring a criminal investigation. they brought a civil investigation. afternoon that's what holder dropped after he won it. >> bill: but holder wouldn't bring criminal charges. >> neither bush nor holder would bring criminal. >> bill: okay. he could have? >> either one could have. >> bill: bush justice department could have too. how long did he have?
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two months. he wasn't thinking about that weighs thinking about his new house in dallas and getting out of town. >> bush administration brought civil charges. they won the case and after they won it holder yanked the victory. >> bill: it's not fair to compare bush and the obama administration right now. now, so, coates goes. in he says, and so did the guy that you interviewed, maybe not quite as clear at coates. look, when voting rights problems emerge, the current justice department has a double standard. if it's minorities being harassed at the polling place they're all over it. when it's white people they are not interested. >> they don't care. >> bill: that's the story. >> yeah. listen. this is not about the new black panther case anymore. this is about allegations from two department of justice lawyers. one current, one former. top attorneys within the department of justice voting rights decision who say that there is a policy that cases
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will not be pursued if the victim is white, that there is a belief -- chris coates used a term hostility within the department to such cases. they don't believe the voting rights laws were enacted for the benefit of white people and they don't care even if a society where we have a black president, a black attorney general, a black supreme court justice. they don't care whether those laws are still not being enforced to protect whites. that's exactly what he said. >> bill: but the climate of this kind of an attitude didn't happen when barack obama was elected. it was there way before that. >> no. and chris coates talks about how they never these cases. how they brought up this case against ike brown. the second one they brought like in the history of the voting rights act was the new black panther case. as soon as the obama administration got into control they made them yank it. he says that's because there is this attitude, he calls it a deep seeded opposition to the
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equal enforcement of the voting rights act against racial minorities and for the protection of whites. he named names as j. christian adams did. julie fernandez the deputy assistant a.g. for internal rights. the goal is to assure access at the polls for minorities. not for whites. he talks about loretta king who is the acting attorney general for civil rights who said no more questioning potential lawyers who might work at the department of justice about whether they would pursue a case for the benefit of whites because we're not interested in pursuing those cases. if this is true and the department of justice denies it, if this is true, they are not living up to the congressional mandate to the mandate within the justice system of equal justice under law. it's supposed to be blind with respect to skin color. >> bill: all right. we will continue on it ms. kelly. thanks very much. next on the run down, why was stephen colbert testifying in front of al congressional commission today. we will tell you and it might annoy you.
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please. i came and worked out there harvesting america's crops. tell me, do i have what it takes to be a migrant farm worker? >> i'm sorry, sir, but you are not qualified. >> oh, thank god! can i go home now? >> please. >> where is my driver? pablo? thanks, pablo. let's go. >> bill: because of that exposition, colbert was called to testify, if you can believe it today in front of a house committee that deals with immigration issues. here is what went down. >> this is america. i don't want a tomato picked by a mexican. i want it picked by an american. then sliced by gwatney mallen and served by venezuelan in a spa where a chilean gives me a brazilian. >> bill: you can see the testimony was schtick. the question is why is the house wasting money on that. joining us from los angeles leslie marshall and from washington dana perino. i have to applaud your attire
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this evening perfectly in context red and blue. i understand the committee wanted to get publicity from the hearing. is there anything wrong with that. >> not necessarily. sometimes it can work very well. i don't think it did in this case. for example, i remember when michael j. fox came to certifien 00 hill about stem cell research. jerry sinise great work for veterans. angelina jolie has done great stuff for humanity causes. this is an issue that deserves more attention. i think today with this schtick as you said it was definitely a schtick, it back fired because it really wasn't that funny. the senate -- the house democrats were not even on the same page. they didn't even know that he was coming in character. and the chairman tried to dismiss the witness and he wouldn't leave. but what it really did at the end of the day was to serve to remind everybody that the administration and congress, despite large majorities, have not been able to pass immigration reform. >> bill: also, i don't even know what they're trying to get
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across, leslie. this committee has got like 18 things on its plate. do you know what the committee actually wants to do? >> i will be honest with you, i'm not exactly sure. >> bill: nobody is sure. >> bill: nobody knows what they want. so they poll in colbert and he hams it up and people are going, you know, this is why congress never gets anything done. number one, nobody knows what they are talking about in the first place. and, number two, there is colbert wasting everybody's time. >> but i have to tell you, i agree with -- bill, i think this is the first time that you, dana, and i have all agreed on this. this was mocking our system. we have enough on our plate to be angry with, left or right, this is not -- i don't want to pay for some comedian to go and to do this. and i find a lot of what he said very offensive. and this is our tax dollars hard at work and i have to say that i think today liberals and conservatives agree on this issue, stephen colbert may be a great comedian but that's where he belongs and i don't think some people even knew and understood he was in character. he was playing a character like
6:16 am
a complete schtick. >> bill: unless you follow him, you don't know what he is talking about. >> right, right. >> bill: zoey lofgren is the chairman of this committee. i guess it's trying to get some kind of international law, border security refugees. it's like all over the pike here. and, again, it doesn't bother me, i don't mind colbert getting the publicity and all of that i want poor people as i write in "pinheads and patriots." i want poor people to have a chance. this den greats the issue, dana. it makes a joke out of something that is deadly serious. migrant workers, especially illegal workers are exploited and brutalized throughout this country and world. there is colbert saying rodrigo rapido. >> i don't think many people found it funny. it was silly. humor can be good and help you break tension and maybe even bring people together.
6:17 am
that's not what happened today. >> bill: okay. but, leslie, the overarch is that in the fields of california, if you go up to central california, these people are getting brutalized. this is brutally hard work. and if you are illegal, they terrorize -- they are getting terrorized. they are getting blackmailed, extorted, and all this business. then we have a good yuck up about it in washington, d.c. something that's just not right here it doesn't feel right. >> it's definitely kicking someone when they are down and picking on the underdog rather than someone their own size. if you are look where people are picking grapes or strawberries, lettuce, whatever they are doing, you are talking incredibly long hours bent over on their backs in heat. they are getting money but this is just a few degrees from slavery some people would say. at least indentured servitude. these people are oppressed. >> bill: i think it would have worked dana if they brought in
6:18 am
colbert dandy a two or three minute schtick. here is what i learned when i went up there and this is a serious issue and here is how i felt about it maybe done a high grid rather than being a complete colbert person which is what he was. >> right. that would have been better for him and for the issue. >> bill: all right. ladies thanks very much as always. we appreciate. here are the results of our biffle o' poll. we asked which politician is the most conservative among three? sarah palin won big 63%. newt gingrich came in second 29%. mitt romney only got 8% on the conservative meter. 35,000 of you voted and we thank you all very much. directly ahead, mexico continues to extend the border fence but mexico itself is building its own fence on the border with guatemala. we will tell you what's going on. and then glenn beck on jon stewart holding a copycat rally in d.c. upcoming. activia has delicious news for dessert lovers. often, the best part of a meal is the dessert. but sometimes after a busy day
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>> bill: factor follow-up story tonight, investing millions of dollars into a border fence to try to prevent the flow of drugs and illegals into u.s.a. condemned the fence as not being friendly or something. now we learned that mexico wants to build its own fence on the border with guatemala. that could be more malo. joining us from fort worth texas founder of the group conservatives for comprehensive immigration reform. juan, i know you don't like the american fence but what about the mexican fence? do you dislike that as well. >> well, to start with, what a bad pr move for mexico. >> bill: not a good pr move, when mexico is saying don't build a wall up there felipe calderon is doing everything he can attacking these drug lords so we don't have to fight them in the united states. now is he even willing and i
6:23 am
think directly or i object drengtly with our money from the united states willing to build a wall down there so that people central america, south america don't come through mexico to get to the united states. i mean god bless felipe calderon is he risking -- what is he doing. >> bill: i would praise him if he wasn't such a hypocrite. i have said on this broadcast many times that calderon is a brave man taking on the cartels and we should help him any way we can the united states should help him. however, you can't make the big dog and pony show that calderon made about the fence and whining about it and then build your own fence for the same purpose keeping people and drugs out of mexico. same purpose. you cannot do it without being labeled a hypocrite, juan, you know that. >> well, but these are apples and pears. the border between mexico is much, much smaller. the conditions are very different. >> bill: it's the same reason they are building it? >> most of them aren't coming to
6:24 am
work in mexico. no but they stay and the drug lords, you know this, they strain the resources of mexico. >> sure they do. >> bill: for the long journey north and they are getting overrun. juan, people watching tonight know this is hypocritical. if calderon would say, acknowledge the problem and say, look, i'm doing this so i keep down the people smuggling into my country so it gets less in america, everybody would applaud him but, no, he has to play the race card. he has to say you bad americans. you are building this fence. it's insulting to us. well, is it insulting to el salvador, guatemala and everybody else? >> yes, it is. he is putting up with the insults from central america and south america. why? in some respects to have a better relationship with the united states. >> bill: i don't know if the -- >> we're supposed to give them $1.4 billion to help him and we have been so slow in getting that money to him.
6:25 am
>> bill: juan, let me break this to you. we don't have any money it's all gone now. >> my goodness, do we want those drug lords in the united states? let's help felipe to fight them down there so we don't have to deal with them. >> bill: i would be more confident with the 1.4 billion if our guys were down there helping them. you know what i'm talking about there. i'm not sending you mention cans 1.4 without supervision from our guys. calling me cynical. >> let's work on it together. >> bill: still dodging the hypocritical question here. calderon has got to come out and say here is why we are doing it look, it's not a bad idea. i don't want people. >> it's not -- the united states has been pushing mexico since 1996. >> bill: how do you know that. >> they started working on -- vincent fox spoke to them when he was present. felipe calderon has been talking about. this they have been building fences and walls since 1996. it's not a new thing. it's gotten out to the media but it's what we have wanted them to
6:26 am
do for long time. >> bill: i think it's a good idea. i want you to pinpoint who in the united states is encouraging them to build the fence down there. >> we're pushing them. >> bill: who is we? >> oh, we are sending with the accord $1.4 billion. we should be supporting them. >> bill: i want you to find out exactly who? whether it's barack obama, joe biden, nancy pelosi. who is telling them to build that fence. i want to know that i will give you the last word. >> i'm for comprehensive immigration reform. that will solve a lot of this. guatemala has gone through a terrible hurricane. a terrible, you know, volcano eruption. the president, he could just sign up for several thousand of the guatemalaens in the united states to go through immigration reform just with his signature. he won't do that let's help guatemala through all of this, too. >> bill: thanks. a bunch of union auto workers caught on tape drinking and smoking pot on their lunch break is that why my hub cap fell off?
6:27 am
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that is so juicy. my kids are gonna love this. these could really catch on. i think they already have. sunsweet ones. over 375 million enjoyed, and counting. now available in a new value pack. >> bill: fridays with geraldo segment tonight, the fox affiliate in detroit did some excellent investigative reporting recently that captured union workers at a chrysler plant drinking and smoking pot on their lunch break. you fill in the joke here it was no joke when the reporter confronted the men. >> hey, guys. hate to be a buzz kill but shouldn't you guys be building cars? don't you guys work at the chrysler factory? you know, the government spent a lot of money bailing you guys out and you coming out here on your lunch break drinking like this? where are you guys going, man? going to go build some cars now? after you have had a few beers? >> bill: i think that might be
6:31 am
dui to boot. joining us now to analyze fox news anchor geraldo rivera. you and i used to do that thing. >> rudy giuliani newly appointed u.s. attorney saw the brokers lining up to buy heroin. this is shocking but also bravo to this reporter in the era of the live shot and the blow drier you don't see a lot of this end briz investigative reporting. busted them pure and simple and they were nabbed and they expressed their guilt by running away as if he wasn't going to take pictures of them fleeing. it's very, very embarrassing. >> bill: are there rules in the unions, the auto workers union that drug testing and things like that? i mean, look, these guys, a lot of them have welders and there are tools. this is no joking matter. they come back and, you know, he doesn't want to be a buzz kill. they come back and they are lit. they have got, you know, you could get hurt. >> stamping the lethal.
6:32 am
>> bill: building cars, that's like making -- it's not dunkin' donuts is what i'm saying. heavy materials. you are wielding stuff. >> i absolutely agree. the union issued a statement today that i think is very telling. they said drug and alcohol abuse on the job is a very serious issue. as. >> bill: what are they doing about it. >> well, the workers are suspended without pay and the union as not yet complained. but here is the rub. i believe were i representing the worker here, i would immediately get them in an alcohol and drug rehab. >> bill: lindsay lohan and paris hilton there is no room. [ laughter ] >> bill: can't get them in. >> believe me for the united auto workers in detroit there is plenty of room. under the americans with disabilities act or the family medical leave act, they can be declared disabled by going into the rehab program. >> bill: we have to pay the rest of our lives for them. >> it's worse than that they will get their jobs back, no doubt. but i would venture to say were
6:33 am
i their lawyer, not only will they get their jobs back, but they will be paid for their unpaid suspension now. they will be made whole. >> bill: that's not right. why. >> it's not right but- >> bill: why don't we just buy them the drugs and the alcohol. just buy it for. >> they have them work at toyota plants or china. >> bill: buy them drugs and alcohol send them to san francisco. all expenses paid. >> keep them on the payroll. >> bill: that's cheaper. than us having the disabilities -- >> it's very embarrassing to the union, to the company. i hear a lot of people invoking obama as if obama was responsible for providing the drugs and alcohol. >> bill: that's ridiculous. >> bill: the union has got to get themselves under control. >> they have got to get these guys under control. they have got to be such firm advocates for their members that they do something that the average american looks at and says very scornfully this is not right. >> bill: the aforementioned
6:34 am
lindsay lohan failed a drug test. >> she is going to work at that plant and she will be -- >> bill: believe me. they will hire her very quickly. she is going back to jail, right? >> she is in jail right now. she only served 14 days of her original 90 day sentence. she was released by the sheriff who has sole responsibility for determining whether or not his jail is overcrowded. and if it is overcrowd, which it is in l.a. county, he has the right to release nonviolent offenders. he let her go. but this is different. even different than when she had f.u. on her fingernails remember the original and that got out and the judge was extremely angry at her for her arrogance and her attitude. this is way worse than that. because she got out on probation. she had an opportunity to not serve the rest of that time. the judge, in my view, had no option but to send her back to jail. and i think she will do the rest of the time. >> bill: which is, what? >> well, it's 14 from 90, so
6:35 am
it's 76 days. >> bill: 76 more days? >> he is not even going to see her until october 22nd. so i think you are not going to see lindsey -- she is trying to be marilyn monroe without the body of work. it's really tragic. to hear her father, this dysfunctional parents yell in the back of the room this expression of this disbelieve when bail was not granted. come on, michael lohan. you know that she has been scornful and disrespectful. >> bill: better off in jail. >> defiant and she could probably die outside of prison. >> bill: that's right. >> with the circle around her. >> bill: thanks very much as always. >> my pleasure. >> bill: when we come right back, people all over the country are imitating glenn beck including jon stewart and stephen colbert. they will hold a rally in d.c. as beck did. what does the g man think about that? robin ] my name is robin.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, the dumbest things of the week where we spotlight incredible stupidity. here now fox news correspondent arthel and red eye guy greg gutfeld author of the book "the bible ... truths." arthel has chosen video this evening. >> baby monkeys ♪ riding on a big baby monkey
6:49 am
♪ baby monkeys ♪ baby monkeys ♪ backwards on a big baby monkey ♪ the world has gone insane ♪ and you don't know what it's like ♪ you got to keep on keeping on ♪ get on the pig and ride. >> bill: i'm not sure the dog likes that there could be animal cruelty involved here. >> actually, i think the pig likes it. >> bill: that's a pig? i thought it was a dog. >> that got 240,000 hits o'reilly. >> bill: there is a lot of pigs in the world. >> we all have a monkey of some sort on our back. >> bill: i thought it was a dog. >> this is not dumb. this is the smartest thing of the week. this is a met for the pig is life and i am the monkey. and when the pig throws you off, you climb back up on that pig and you ride it. >> bill: okay. >> ride that pig.
6:50 am
>> bill: the message is "that's why they did it they wanted to send that. did you get it? >> i tried really hard. i didn't make it there, bill. it's very funny. >> bill: people do that and people watch. that's the age we live. in cambridge, massachusetts, a rather strange place, i know it very, very well. if you get a parking ticket, something happens. something magical. gutfeld, take it away. >> what they do, is if you get the ticket, it comes in an envelope with instructions on how to perform yoga. the idea is the city transportation chief believes this will debunk the idea that all parking tickets are a hostile action. >> bill: okay. so you get a ticket. and then they give you yoga instructions. >> yeah. >> bill: in case you want to do yoga while you are writing the check. >> they say it makes you hostile. you want to be kind of om a little bit. >> bill: hilarious. nothing more hostile than yoga. people who do yoga generally are miserable, miserable people it is true.
6:51 am
yoga exist only to talk about yoga. did you notice that? >> all i will say about, this bill, if i get a parking ticket you have the hand gesture. >> bill: i wouldn't know that. >> that's how you hold a joint. >> i know nothing about that i'm ignoring him right now. >> bill: that's a good policy. >> but i'm just saying that's the hand gesture i'm thinking about when i get a ticket. that's all i'm saying. >> bill: cambridge, massachusetts the whole approach to taking your money and giving you a parking ticket is to teach you about yoga. here is the dumbest thing of the week i think i may be responsible. i want you to come to rally, you know why? i sense there is still in you. come to the light. >> it will be a contact high. you know there is going to be substance at the rally. you know what's going to come on there. look, you know that. every dope dealer within 100 miles is going to be at that rally, stewart. you know that. >> eve dope dealer? >> bill: come on. what do you think your crew is going to be up there going oh i would like some frosted flakes. >> did he just say that?
6:52 am
>> bill: come on. you know what's going to happen on that rally. >> are you taping an episode of starsky and hutch? am i wrong? >> you are wrong. you are being a bit of hypocrite. the beck and rally bold and fresh tour. we know what's bold and fresh there i have been there. >> bill: lemonade is the strongest thing. if i wrong, gutfeld if you were a dope dealer in d.c. and maryland? where would you go on october 30th? where is the crew. >> i think you are also leaving out the crystal meth dealers. >> bill: what do you think? was that incredibly dumb. >> it was dopey. >> bill: pardon the pun. >> intended. >> bill: why was it dope? >> every now and then you are brilliant that was dopey. every now and then. i can't give you too much credit. you know that. >> bill: dopey why? i submit that's what's going going to happen. >> it's not going to happen. honestly starsky and hutch hasn't been on since 1955.
6:53 am
>> bill: i'll accepted ago crew down under cover. >> they are going to enjoy it you know they are. high as a kite. i know your crew, bill. >> bill: dumbest things of the week. i could be dumb. i mean, you make the call. pinheads and patriots on deck. tonight, starring michelle obama and bill ayers right back with p and p. [ male announcer ] what is performance? 0 to 60? or0 to 0? [ tires screech ] the quarter-mile, or a quarter-century? is performance about the joy of driving? or the importance... of surviving? to us, performance is not about doing one thing well. it is about doing everything well. because in the end... everything matters. the best or nothing. that is what drives us. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers on the c-class.
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with the most advanced engine in its class? that it has three cylinrs with dual overhead cams? that it has 50 horsepow? and intense acceleration? now what if we told you it was a john deere? prepare to have your expectations shattered by the all-new gator xuv 825i. go to tsee what makhis the fastest, most powerful gator yet.
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>> bill: pinheads and patriots in a moment. michelle obama and bill ayers
6:56 am
share the spotlight. but first. margaret hoover great granddaughter of the president. monday bernie goldberg that interview is hot. check out premiummen on your place in the age of obama out october 5th. we thank you all very much. now to the mail. kirk: bill you are a brave man debating legal matters with megyn kelly. she upstages you and is smarter than you are. that explains why she was a two hour program and you only have one hour. hard to argue with any of that. peter: bill, when megyn is on, can you tell the director to say on her, even when you are talking? i'll mention it to him.
6:57 am
martha maccallum looked amazing during the news quiz. bill, were you there? get the theme here? truth of the union matter is they function on the principle that profits should be socialized, but loss privatize >> is it me or is stewart starting to look like glenn beck? let's see of the no resemblance whatsover. spectacles, maybe required. the hair, come on. delores: mr. o'reilly you were a pinhead in your segment with stewart it is beneath you to call his book jibberish. very little is beneath me delores that obvious jest was done in good fun. lisa: bill, you are a pinhead for calling sesame street patriots after they cut katy perry from the show what is it about the following words you don't
6:58 am
understand lisa? you make the call! that's what i said after the perry deal. you make the call. oy-yoi-yoi. bill, pinheads and patriots is your best look honoring tony snow brought tears to my eyes. thank you, tony was the ultimate patriot. finally, pinheads and patriots tv deal. because we are fair we give credit when credit is due. >> whatever you are looking for, whether it is technical expertise or management ability, whether you are trying to list a struggling -- lift a struggling community or boost your bottom line i'm asking to you reach out and engage our veterans and military spouses. if you will do your part to engage and employ our military spouses i'll commit to do my part to help you.
6:59 am
>> bill: for trying to membership american vets the first lady is a patriot. on the pinhead front. remember bill ayers radical underground guy in chicago? he's been denied professor status at the university of illinois. because he dedicated one of his books to the assassin of robert kennedy, sirhan sirhan. can you believe that guy? that begs the question why was he working at the university of illinois in the first place? some people, what are you gonna do. he was professor ameri status he's denied. -- emeritus status, he's denied. no, not gonna do it. please spout off about the factor name a town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be


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